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My Dad's 80th Birthday

Dawg Tired

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Well, we aren't quite barnyard animals - but here are some family pictures.


My dad with all of his kids. He was SO excited! We had 27 people show up, my sister had rented a room at a local restaurant, arranged for a cake and a buffet dinner. I am the one on the right with the red on.


Dad being serenaded by my 3-year-old great-niece. She insisted on singing "Happy Birthday" to her great-grandpa all by herself! There wasn't a dry eye in the house. That's her momma sitting in the background.


Sis cutting the cake. The handsome young man in the orange shirt is my son.

Thanks for celebrating Dad's birthday with us!

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Hi Gayla,

thanks for sharing that great family occasion with us - you all look so happy and relaxed.

I can remember being just like the 3 year old and insisting on singing for my grandparents (usually nursery rhymes in restaurants!!)


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no, you are certainly not barnyard animals! thanks for the laugh though:) definitely a handsome family. your son is quite the looker & your great-niece's singing is reminicent of my younger years. thanks again for sharing!

B) melissa

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