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Another Question On B/p Readings...


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Need a little clarification. After reading some other posts on b/p, I'm unsure.

When most of you take your b/p, is it sitting? I know lying down it would go even lower.

What about those on meds? Especially blood pressure meds. They lower b/p so how can one really know what their b/p actually is?

I take a low dose of atenelol, 12.5 mg. in the a.m., so I don't know when I really should check to see what my b/p is like.

Do you think when you are feeling poorly, all of a sudden, and you check your b/p and hr., and both are high, is it possible that it may have "bottomed out", a episode, as it may, happened and the high b/p and h/r is just compensation?

Do my questions make sense? :(

Thanks!! :)

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typically, folks report the contrast between lying down and standing up--but for some it may be lying down versus sitting up.

when I report bottomming out, it's when I'm standing.


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