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Dr. Grubb

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Hi, I have researched both here and other sources for good doctors. Dr. Grubb seems to be the expert in the country. Since we are far, far away from him, can anyone ask him to send us information so we can at least do research to give to our doctor here? Our doctor seems to be willing to try what we can to get my wife better but he doesn't know much about the condition. Thanks

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It's very nice of you to inquire for your wife. I travel from Oregon to Ohio to seek Dr. Grubb's expertise. He has been my savior!

I don't think he has many extra handouts that you can't get off the internet. Although there are a couple of projects he has done and written papers on that I have somewhere stashed at home that I haven't found anywhere on the net.

When you are a patient of his, he gives you most of what he has available in his office. He also tries to work with your doctor back home to get you squared away. It does take 6-9 months to get an appointment with him though. He is stretched thin taking care of patients from all over the world.

I personally made and distributed to my doctor's here in Oregon a 1-inch binder full of articles that I printed from the internet or was given to me from Dr. Grubb and the NIH in Maryland.

I would be happy to give you website links.


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You might want to try writing Dr. Grubb and asking if he'll send you information. Sometimes he sends out informative packets. You can get his contact information off of our physicians page, www.dinet.org/physicians.htm.


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