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So, I just called my doctor's office and asked if there was going to be a nurse or anesthsiologist monitoring my sedation. They told me it would be my GI and a nurse. It will be done at a Cleveland Clinic affiliate hospital in the outpatient procedure area.

When you had your colonoscopy or other procedure requiring conscious sedation, did you have a nurse monitoring you or were you in la-la land and didn't know who was there? :)

Can you tell I'm starting to panic? :o

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I would insist on an anesthesiologist. My GI/surgeon won't do my colonoscopy without one after seeing my BP at 80/60 one day in her office. If fact she wants to do it in a trauma hospital to be on the safe side.

I'm not trying to scare you---------(my bet is you would be OK), but with our heart rate and BP instability issues, I would think it's safer to have a Doc who specializes in anesthesia, and who is also familiar with ANS dysfunction.

Mine has been cancelled twice, I can't rememeber why the first time, and the second time it was scheduled the same week my mother passed away.

I have to have it done------------ there is cancer all over my mother's side of the family, as my mother died in Feb. from terminal cancer---(we don't know where her's started), my brother has colon cancer, her brother died two weeks after she did of colon cancer, and my aunt--(her sister), died from complications of brain cancer.

I heard the worst part is the prep. My ANs Doctor also suggested I have IV fluids the days of the procedure to help with stability of my BP and HR.

My next consult appointment is July 18th. Then we will schedule this again------------- :)

Maxine :0)

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I've never had anyone but a nurse and my doctor, and you are monitored the whole time the procedure is going on and for a bit after. they monitor your heart, BP, 02 sats and you wear 02 for the whole thing. There are several people in recovery watching over you and taking frequent vital signs and 02 sats. They make sure you are awake enough to swallow eat and talk before you leave, although you will probably not remember it. Ah , the joys of versed! :)

They have everything they need for an emergency and since it's in an outpatient setting, an on call anethiesiologist (sp) is only a minute or so away. I get mine done across the the street from a hospital and have never worried about it. Good luck sweetie...morgan

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I had mine in OR with anesthesia. Not general anesthesia.

I guess what makes a difference is:

Is your BP low?

Do you have heart rhythm problems (PAT or SVT)?

Can you tolerate Versed? It does lower your BP.

For those 3 reasons I had to have it done in the OR and go in the night before for my prep,

I had an IV running during the night. Also had a 500cc bolus of saline twice before the procedure.

When I woke up the morning before the procedure my BP was 88/42. After they gave me

extra saline it went to 96/52. It stayed in that range throughout the colonoscopy and

for a few days after.

Talk to one of the GI nurses and explain your concerns.

I think it is better to be cautious.


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Uhm I ve had both my colonoscopies done directly in the hospital.. you can request it to be done in the actual hospital instead of a surgery center or something.. I know a lady called before hand to get my info.. and after i gave her my medical history i was scheduled at a later time for a hospital procedure instead of a surgery center one.

Uhm i was well monitored befoer during and after the procedure... I do not remember what my BP and HR did for the test.. I was out cold for all most all of it.. I had no actual problems from the proceddure itself.. the prep stunk.. and i fainted... they used half the normal amount of drugs on me in stead of full doseages b/c of my BP issues.. and that worked well.. i still was out for it.

they used half veret vered? sp??? and half the amount of demerol...

the only problem i had afterwards was in recovery my pulse Ox dropped in the low 80's..b/c i was forgetting to breath...im guessing and ANS response..drug response. IM thankful they ony, gave me half the doses of meds

good luck with your procedure!

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My doctor only does mine in the hospital; I have an anesthelogist consult and a nurse anesthetist stays with me through the procedure. If they need help from the anesthesiologist, he/she is just a few steps away within the suite of OR's.


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Well I do have bp issues sometimes. Not to the point of fainting or anything. Just dizzy and lightheaded every once in a while. Food/drink usually fixes that problem.

SVT - I do have occasionally.

It is going to be done in a hospital, just not the operating room.

I just need to chill about it and trust God to keep me safe.

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If you're at the hospital, just in the short procedure unit, you'll have all the resources of the hospital nearby if you need them.


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Jennifer, just going to say pretty much what Nina said. The will be monitoring you anyway but just tell the nurse about your BP issues and she will probably check it a bit more often than for a healthy adult. As Nina said as you are actually in the hospital you will have all of the emergency facilities available in the very unlikely situation that you might need them. A theatre verus an endoscopy suite won't actually make much difference, they can call an anesthetist to come if they need one.

Good luck, the bowel prep is probably the worst bit - just drink plenty of plain water.


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I don't know what state you're in, but I'm sure that they have rules and/or policies and procedures governing conscious sedation. These should be accessible online or by calling your Doctor's office or the hospital. It might make you feel better to see how closely you'll be monitored. For example, a lot of states require, and many hospitals insist, on having continous EKGs during C/S. If you're feeling anxious, talk to your doctor- it's always good to be an informed consumer! But rest assured that a nurse is generally considered well within the standard of practice and, while I know it's an icky, unpleasant, and somewhat scary procedure, you should be just fine.

Good Luck!

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hi jennifer -

i just wanted to add my affirmation that in the hospital setting there will be a good deal of back-up in the rare case it would be needed. and i'll be honest that i've had better experiences at times with nurse anesthesists that with anesthesiologists, i.e. in regard to their interest in catering things to my particular situation. many hospitals use the same "outpatient" setting within the hospital for all applicable procedures, aka even with inpatients, so they are used to a wide variety of baseline health situations.

hope all goes well...i'm sure it will!

B) melissa

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I am sure they will do it the best they can, which is a lot considering their experience. Do not be worried, it is MUCH better with sedation than without (mine was without B) )

Take care, it will soon be over. Share your worries with the nurse and doctor if you are unsure of the procedures.



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Thanks! I just ate my last meal before the prep tomorrow afternoon. I had toast with a scrambled egg. It was soooo good. I'm already thinking about what I am going to eat Monday afternoon after the procedure. I've had a couple of pieces of toast, some chicken broth and propel all day. I start the prep tomorrow afternoon.

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