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Inside Tremors And Irregular Heartbeats:

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Anyone get the inside tremors and irregular, not fast, just irregular heartbeats at the same time? I've been doing this for days, and it's very uncomfortable and a little maddening as I just had that heart procedure done and thought that the irregular beats would go away. I guess the doc didn't promise that, though, just the tach above and beyond POTS tach.

Hope this finds you all doing well.


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Hi Linda. Sorry to hear you are being maddened by your symptoms! I haven't got the "inside tremors." But occassionally when I get tachy I will tremor on the outside like I am cold. I think both are just a reaction of the fast heart beat and hypovolemia. Just a guess though.

What heart procedure did you get done? If it was a catheter ablation or radiofrequency it can take up to 3 months for the tachy and PAC's to go away. Sometimes people feel like they are having more episodes within the first few weeks also. Of course I would highly suggest you call your cardio just to be sure and to get reassurance and info from a medical professional.

Good luck!

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I have gotten the inside tremors and irregular heart beats. The irregular HB are single PVCs, but I have had some really bad irregular HBs on occasion that caused grey outs and disorientation. That is why I had the implantable loop recorder put in. Of course none of the really bad arrhythmias have happend in the two years this thing has been inside my chest.

For sure I would like to know what the inside ticks/tremors------------twitching, or what ever it is are all about. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's my heart of some kind of tremor.

In a recent post I asked if anyone ever had inside body tremors. I had a really bad series of disturbing twitching/tremors when the sweat test done. There one where they attach the capsules to your skin and put a low electrical current through them.

I was not nervous about this test, but I was a little nervous in general. However, these types of tremors never happen when I'm anxious, or nervous. When I'm like that my heart will be tachy, or my BP will be higher then usual, but that's about it.

I hope you find out what they are, or what's causing them. Sometimes I wonder if we are just super, super sensitive, and we get these ticks from various types of stress to our bodies.

Maxine :0)

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