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When Is Bp & Hr Considered To Be Too Low?


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I notice that on my "better" days when I'm able to do more during the day I get so sick at night. For instance last night while laying flat my blood pressure was 80/50 and my heart rate was 42. It's been lower and I seem to have nights like this a couple times per week when I just feel awful and can't sleep.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what is considered too low for blood pressure and heart rate?



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Well, I believe that it depends on the person to a certain extent. For a super-healthy athlete, a HR like that can be indication of heart health. But my cardiologists tend to say that they'd like to see a HR closer to 60 for me. When I'm lying down, it is often in the 40s, and I often set off the alarms for it being too low. Same with BP. But I think the numbers are more of a problem when you're feeling out of sorts. Having low HR and BP like that could explain why you're more lethargic and/or dizzy, and so your doc might want to try to correct that.

I just saw my doc, and he said that we need to get my BP up, so while I'm still on ProAmatine, I'm changing back to a very low dose BB for my HR, and adding licorice and another product called adrenal complex to help support my system since I didn't react very well to Florinef and certainly will NOT be trying DDAVP again!

After nights where your numbers are so low and you don't sleep well, do you still have days where you're feeling decent and are able to get around well? Could it maybe relate to medicines you're taking during the day but not at night?

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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I wonder the same thing. Last might my BP was 75/45. I felt really dizzy and couldn't get a good breath. I was so happy to fall asleep. My HR, however, doesn't go that low when my BP does. It stays in the 60's.

The combo of a low HR and low BP.....you should, at the least, call your PCP and follow advice.

My son's HR has gotten to the high 30's. I've rushed him to the ER, where they weren't impressed as he was feeling OK. However, I don't think his BP was really low. A cardiologist did a work-up and they said to bring him back if he's ever showing symptoms.

Let us know what your doc says.


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