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Mestinon Q


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Just wondering if anyone had this side effect of taking mestinon. I have been taking it for myasthenia gravis and it was helping, but then after taking it for a couple weeks it made me feel very foggy, to the point where I felt a little confused. Finally something that helped made me feel so bad. I called the office and they said it shouln't do that, well it did! I feel that it aggravated my POTS symptoms and now I can't take it. Having a very hard time with my medicines, very MISERABLE!!

I don't think my doctor knows what to do anymore.

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O SARA, I am in the same boat as you. After a year and a half of mestinon and making the best progress I have in 9 years with it, my body has decided to not tolerate it by causing muscles cramps and hbp, grrrr My dr doesn't know why or what to do either, so I am feeling desperate b/c on half the dose of florinef and mestinon I can't do nearly what I was able to do before, it's SOOO frustrating

I don't have any answers for you, but just want you to know I know what you are going through and it is awful ((( HUGS))))


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