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Just Spent A Week At Osu Medical Center: Experience

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I just spent a week in the hospital at OSU Medical Center, trying to figure out my digestive problems. They were going to take a new approach from the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo, testing for things I've never been tested for with tests I've never even heard of. My husband and I were hopeful. Well, unfortunately, the EGD they did first thing put a perforation somewhere in my gi tract, so they all panicked about that and that became the focus for the week. I didn't get too many tests after that. I have to let the perforation heal for two weeks, then go back for the other tests.

Anyway, while there, they put me on Zofran and Oxycodone for nausea and pain. I've read here that many of you take Zofran with no problem. With me, it's triggering nervous system symptoms--POTS stuff--shaking, palpitations, bp fluctuations, etc. Anyone else have problems with Zofran and their POTS mixing?

Thanks, everyone.


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Oh dear, Linda Joy-

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. How frightening and painful- I'm sure. And, what a disapointment after looking for answers.

I regularly take zofran for nausea. I have had NO side effects. I did read that heart rythym disturbances were a possible side effect. That made me understanbly nervous with POTS and instances of uncontrolled tachy. So I waited for weeks before I took my first one. It was barf or swallow the pill:-) It definately helped me and has no negative side effects. I notice that it's best to take it when my nause is fairly mild. If I wait till it's full-blown, the zofran has less effect.

Did you start the oxycontin at the same time? Could that be causing the shakiness?

All the best-


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Sorry 2 hear of ur test, i had a bad exp with the same test!! I will say b happy that they are trying to help u, myself like others on here have ran into docs that r afraid of them. As far as the meds, i cant get Zofran cause of insurance but they can give u phenergan, i have always hated pain meds although over the last few mths i take them and have had to, but u dont want to rely of them they can be and are addictive. But at first the phenergan, used for nausea can cause drowsiness but u need rest anyways so maybe give it a try and i hope u can find answers. Praying for you

Donna F

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I've had Zofran in the hospital a few times--it helps me but gives me terrible dry mouth. As for the oxycodone (aka oxycontin), I've been on that too for bone pain; I try to go without it most of the time b/c when I do take it I get aggitated, hyperactive--body and mind, and my guts completely come to a halt. Other than that, neither med has made my autonomic issues worse. However, everyone is different, so no one can really say what it will do for YOU.


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