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Ssi Hearing July 5th


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Hi all! After a very long wait I finally have a hearing date. I know a bunch of you have already gone through this and I'm wondering what to expect during the hearing and if approved (I pray) how long after the hearing does it take to begin getting benefits? Also...does anyone else have altered mental states with POTS? Occasionally when my BP is really rollercoasters and I'm in bad pain it's like I check out. I'm still moving but not appropriatly and can't answer question...pretty much say yeah or no when asked a question and have gotten violent a couple of time when people try to make me do something during this time. I have no memory of it afterward and the couple of times my kids have taken me to the ER they think I've OD'd and pump my stomach then decide it's psychological but the psych dr's say it's medical. What do you think?



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Denise -

I know nothing about SSI hearings, but I hope you get the benefits you need. As for the mental status thing- you should talk to my boyfriend about how I get when my BP drops out. On top of things that look like seizures, I am MEAN! I can't answer questions coherantly unless they are yes or no questions and if someone makes me do something that I don't want to do, like get up from where-ever I have parked myself, I lash out. My memory is completely shot afterwards. My boyfriend has had to hold me down because I'm thrashing about so much and I've clocked him a few times. I've never been taken to the hospital over it and I don't know what my BP is at that point in time, but I'm 90% sure it's due to low blood pressure and stresses on my body.


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I don't know if tis is correct but my theory would be that when our BP is really low there is reduced blood supply to the brain. That would also mean reduced oxygen to the brain. For the brain to work it needs an adequate supply of both glucose and oxygen (remember the Kreb's cycle and electron transport chain from Biology). When the brain doesn't get it's glucose and oxygen it can't create energy to carry out it's work properly. If the supplies are severely reduced you can blackout or have a seizure (think fainting [oxygen] or diabetic hypoglycaemic coma [glucose]). I figure that when the supplies aren't quite low enough to cause a collapse they cause either "brain fog" or the disorientation and aggressive responses that have been described earlier in the thread.

Anyone have any other ideas / theories?


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