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No Alcohol Tolerance

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I was wondering if anyone else on this forum was unable to tolerate alcohol. (It seems so many of my quirks are shared on this forum, that I figured I might as well ask about this one.) I love the taste of red wine and I know it's good for me but I can only tolerate maybe a half a glass. I start to get a weird headache and kinda "buzzed" and I need to drink a lot of water. I know alcohol dehydrates you and that may be part of the problem but it's a half a glass of wine. I have the same problem with champagne. Haven't really tried hard liquor, other than a sip, and it did the same thing. Anyone else share this quirk?


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This is VERY COMMON!!!!

I used to drink regularly...well, on weekends but something I noticed even 20 years ago was sometimes booze hit me almost INSTANTLY in an unpleasant way....like no buzz, just quick fatigue and hangover feeling.

It's a real issue form most all.

Some folks CAN tolerate a bit of wine with a meal if sipped slowly.

I can sometimes handle ICE COLD light beer for a few sips on a GOOD day and eating something salty. But in general, I rarely drink.

I have tried the 3 oc of wine with a meal sometimes and I feel ok...other times, puny.


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Hi Sara,

Some people here can tolerate alcoholic beverages, but many cannot. Alcohol dilates your blood vessels, causing more blood to pool. This will increase your symptoms orthostatic intolerance. Be careful!

There have been topics about this in the past if you want to try a search.


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