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Hi :(

I got my blood test results and, as promised, I wanted to share them with you. At least the most important data.

My GP automatically said I was fine, even though there were some figures below the normal levels. I know you have much more experience and knowledge about this, because you are having these tests done more often and I am sure that your Specialists and doctors do know more and the relation of the results with POTS. They should talk more about these results than my GP.

Therefore, if you could be so kind to tell me your comments about it, please.

The most important figures I see, are the following:

HEMOGLOBIN (HGB): 12.5 g/dl (normal values are 12 - 16)

MCH (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin): 26.7 pg (normal values are 27 - 33.5)

LYMPHOCYTES: 17.4% (normal values are 20 - 53)

Thanking you beforehand for your comments,

Take care,



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tessa -

the numbers you shared don't seem to show anything problematic at all. in most situations values that are just slightly below/ above "normal" aren't an issue (and might even be "normal" in another lab as reference ranges can vary somewhat.) and when taken individually percentage values tend to have less meaning than absolute measurements. i don't think there's anything you need to concern yourself with here...not even a little.

hope this helps,

:( melissa

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Hi Tessa,

I really wouldn't worry about those results, have faith in your doctor - they were right to tell you that the results were normal.

When labs give reference ranges for tests it usually means that a certain percentage (often 95%) of the local healthy population's results will fall between the limits. That still leaves some (maybe 5%) of healthy people with results outside the reference range, this doesn't mean that they are ill.

When most doctors look at an FBC / CBC they will check the Haemoglobin (Hb) if that is normal they will double check the Mean cell volume (MCV) and often ignore the other haemoglobin related numbers. Similarly if the overall number of white cells is normal they won't worry too much about the actual values or percentage of each type of white cell. If your white count is very abnormal then the specific cell types become more relevant.

Basically don't worry,


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