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Home Made Temporary Cool "necklace"


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I got this idea a few days ago.

Take a bandana folded in a triangle. Starting at the point of the triangle, roll up a little, then drizzle water along the fold. Roll up one time; drizzle some water again along the fold, and repeat again.

Then put in freezer for 30-60 minutes (depending on how cold YOUR skin can take it.

I find this helps me go outside, to stand in the shade and help me water flowers or freshen the bird baths and squirrel waterer.

The pricey necklaces you buy some say to dot work. The cooling vest are fine but some add weight to a sensitive neck area I have.

So THIS homemade remedy works for several minutes.

Just thought I would share though I am sure I am not the FIRST to think of this.


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Here in the desert, our Walgreens sells a kind of necktie that you soak in water, it swells up with a gel, stick it in the fridge and it stays amazingly cold for much longer than a few minutes.

$2 to $3. I have kept one in the fridge for several years! :P

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