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Delayed Tachycardia


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Any ideas as to why tachycardia/irregular heart rhythm would occur after some sort of activities? Since heart racing issues are a large part of my problems, sometimes when they occur doesn't always make sense to me. Such as once I sit down to rest after doing a little bit around the house and I start feeling weak, I'll sit and rest and in just a few minutes my heart will take off and go crazy, sometimes it seems irregular in rhythm also. I know, I've had a million questions about tachy this week, but it's just taken such a toll on me lately, I want to learn as much as I can about it overall in hopes of helping myself cope with them best.

- Tammy

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Do you lay with your legs elevated at all during the day?

I have found it helps alot. Dr. Low at Mayo said to lay 45 minutes twice a day with my legs up to get the blood

pooling in my legs back up to my heart. I lay on the floor with them up on the couch.

When I am tachy I have found that chugging a glass of something cold really helps.

I know the frustration, but when I am like doing laundry and get tachy and weak, I just go lay down

and put my feet up and if someone is home have them bring me a big glass of something cold.

I frequently have an irregular heartrate when I get up- I have worn holter monitors and had it checked

out, it is just PAC's. It's good to get it checked and have a doctor confirm that it is harmless if you

haven't done that.

Good luck. Don't let it throw you, we as humans were designed to exercise and get our heartrates

up, we can do it without having to work out. :)


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Yes, happens to me all the time.

Your autonomic nervous system should speed up slightly (heart rate, breathing etc) while you're doing things but with POTS it doesn't and seems to forget to do it/is delayed and so does it after or a couple of mins later.

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I think also that our bodies just don't work the normal way. We can have adrenaline pour at innapropriate times. Or just be so sensitive to the adrenaline that pops up just from doing normal activities(like walking across the room) that our body overreacts. I remember about 2yrs ago I was out walking, and when I got back home I sat down and I felt that my hrate was not right. I checked and it was 93,,,it just kept going from there, it was like someone opened up the dam and the adrenaline poured out. It continues that way for me for a good hour.

It can be very upsetting to worry about doing anything and wondering if the tachy will hit. Don't let it keep you from doing the things you enjoy though,,at least try to not let it :)

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Hi Tammy,

Sorry you're having such a hard time....

While the comments here about delayed tachycardia after activity that occurs at rest due to autonomic dysfunction could be the problem and definitely could be the case, if it seems like something "new" to you, especially if what you are feeling is a sudden fit of tachy and/or if it feels very irregular, you might want to further investigate.....

irregular rhythm of what you feel as being irregular could mean many many different things : sinus arrhythmia can cause that (a variation of normal -- caused by respiratory variation -- breathing in, breathing out), an underlying normal sinus rhythm (or sinus tachy) with ectopy (single PAC's or PVC's - common in people without pathologic findings), etc......it is certainly hard to differentiate the above from possible more potential pathologic rhythms that are irregular -- such as intermittent atrial fibrillation, atrial tachycardia (a run of three or more PAC's is defined as "atrial tachy" but is more regular than irregular in nature, unless a multifocal atrial tachy (severals different areas in the atria causing a tachy).......

I guess my questions to you would be does this feel like something new, this tachy that occurs while at rest? is it abrupt feeling (the tachy?) and does the offset feel abrupt in nature or is it more a gradual slowing/gradual offset?

Take care and hang in there.


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I think that what happens is when we are moving are blood vessles are constricting more from the muscles being very active, and that takes energy, however our blood circulates better there for at the time we feel good, but once we go sit down they stop constricting and we feel very week, then the blood pools and causes tachycardia since the brain and heart arent gettnig enough blood. Not sure if thats right or not, but it makes sence to me....however the brain fog may be interfiering with that...LOL

Hope your doing better soon!

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This is pretty common. Sometimes when I exercise, I feel fine when exercising, then wake up in the middle of the night with tachycardia - either that or wake up really sick the next morning or even two days later. I'm not sure what causes the delay. It's scary, because you never know if you're overdoing it until it's too late. What helped me was to build up my exercise time slowly.

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