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Hey All,

Well I have not be around much, I been having a hard time lately. I was hoping by now, with all the lyme treatment that I might start seeing some improvement, but I am not seeing much. In fact last month I got DX with arthritis caused from the lyme.

So they started me in physical therapy for the arthritis. PT has been going slow, and after I seem to be in more pain then before going. Although I know I need to go as I want to be able to walk, and use my hands. One day a few weeks ago I woke up and all my fingure where curved in and would not open, my hands looked like claws ( I was scared they where going to stay like that, over time working with them they have gotten some better, but I am afraid that they are going to go back like that.) Also I find myself wanting to know what when I wake up is going to be in pain or not going to work. I try to keep telling myself things could be worse? I try telling myself that I am lucky that POTS, and even Lyme is more of a long term illness so I am lucky for that?? Do you ever find it hard to stay positive?

Also I have been having a hard time with migraines again, and vomiting and nausea. Which is making it a hard with the POTS as my b/p is going low, and then I have to do more IV saline as I can?t keep anything down. Plus they can?t give me much more for pain meds as my b/p is too low, plus to top it off I can?t take my BB when it?s this low also. So I have to try to deal with the pain, and my heart racing.

So I am hoping things are going to finally come out of all of this. They starting me on a med today to help with the nausea, and it have helped some. I finally was able to get to the computer tonight! Yeah! So I am hoping this will start improving.

If anyone has any ideas of anything that has helped you with migraines, please let me know. ( I can?t take many of the migraine meds at I have had problems with my heart with many of them, so right now I am fours to ride them out, and when my b/p is high enough they will allow me to receive a pain shot.) Also for those this arthritis, as good ideas to help with the pain. The one thing I have found that has helped is sitting in a whirl pool tub, but I can?t handle it very long, and I get dizzy, so I am trying to look of other things, I have two large heating pads that I use also. I was hoping that there may be some good ideas out there!

Thanks for listing! Hope you all are doing well and thanks for all the support!

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Hey Amy... I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad. I'll be praying for you!

about the migraines, my dr put me on Neurontin a few months ago and i think it's been helping alot. I haven't been waking up with migraines everyday like i used to. You might want to look into it or ask your dr about it. I hope you get some relief from the migraines soon,as well as everything else.

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