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Potassium Sensitivity Test For Bladder..

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Hey guys..I'm having a potassium sensitivity test at the urologist on Monday and was wondering if any of you had any experience with this before? I'm a bit worried about this kicking up my POTS symptoms...I know they flush out your bladder after the test with some sort of numbing agent...and wanted to know if this was okay for us. I have a call into my doctor but don't know if I'll hear back in time.

Any info. is appreciated! :(

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Thanks Pooh! I had actually read this before and was wondering if this test was such a good idea. My uro. is going to want to do a cysto anyway so this potassium test is probably overkill. If it were in some was a substitute for the scope then maybe but since I have to have the scope either way I'm thinking of cancelling this test.

Other than the pain my main concern was having a reaction to the Marcaid they use to flush the bladder following the test. I just don't know how I would react to that and it makes me nervous. :) I forget sometimes that we are the ones in control of our bodies and we do have the right to say "no" to doctors. And since this is NOT a truely nessisary test then I think I'm going to exercise that right. :(

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