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Anyone Take Zoloft?

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Hi all. Until my insurance will help cover the cost of Midodrine my Doctor has decided to put me on Zoloft. He said that the properties in this SSRI help with neurocardiogenic syncope symptoms. Does anyone take this for POTS or for vasodepressor syncope? Does it help?


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I take 250 mg of Zoloft along with other meds (mestinon, neurontin, midodrine, labetolol, lyrica) for POTS, including migraines.

Do you find it helps then? I am not sure what to expect. I am sure it will help with a lot of symptoms, but I don't think it will help with the fast heart rates. I think that's why they want me to take the Midodrine also (which I hope to get soon, insurance is being a pain about it). They have me starting on 25mg every day and then going in for an appt in a month to assess where I am at.


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Hi Lauren,

I wrote a bit about SSRIs in your other thread before spotting this more specific one.

I've not tried Zoloft (Sertraline) myself but I do take Paroxetine (UK brand name is Seroxat) which is a similar SSRI. I found that I reacted quite strongly to the first dose and felt rather "drunk" (walls and floor moving!) and that put me off taking any further doses. Luckily I was seing a Dr the next day and I was encouraged to half the dose and stick with it as the side-effects usually wear off after 1-2 weeks. By 3 weeks in I was taking the full 20mg dose and free from troublesome side-effects. I found that it helped increase the length of time that I could stand for and seems to improve my concentration also. Not everyone gets the initial effects that I did but I wish I'd known about them first - wouldn't have been so worried or started it on a work day!

Good luck, let us know how it goes for you,


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