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Restrictive Lung Disease

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Been in a deep hole but had to venture out becuase I had an appointment with a pulmonoligist today and he siad that I have restrictive lung disease. But he is not sure why. Also looking at asthma and have to go get a CT of Lungs. I have had a bad cough on and off for past 3 years that nobody has been able to really say why so maybe this could be an explination. Does anyone know if it is realted to POTS? I am exhausted so I will keep this short and write more later but if anyone can say me too or any info would be great!

Even if I am not on a lot I think of you all and hope you are doing okish!


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hi iwas diagnosed with restrictve lung disease back in like 2003? i think and they told me they didnt know why i had it either.. and that for a while i was misdiagnosed with astma when inreality i had this...

uh i do not believe that this is realted to pots its seperate .. as far as i know.. uhm did they give you anything to treat it?

Ive found that medrol pack .. they are steroid thingys.. they help wioth this when the breathing becomes and issue or more of an issue

good luck and if you want to talk email me!


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hi stacey!!! glad to hear from you, although i am sorry to hear you're in a deep hole. i can't really help you with this restrictive lungdisease (don't really understand what it is to be honest) but what i immediately thought reading your post was: another thing that cannot be understood by doctors. isn't that what we all experience all the time???!!! they see things happen to us, but don't understand why. i am very sorry stacey and sending you love and good thoughts for better health!!!

take care,

corina :)

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I thought i remembered you had been dxd with this too, I will def email you, thank you so much!!


I miss you and thank you for responding. You are so right there are so many things that they say well we don't know why and then you have to go home and deal with it. It is very hard. I hope you are well and am thinking of you often. Much love and hugs!

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