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I was looking through the NDRF handbook online and noticed a med that I had never heard of used for autonomic dysfunction before, it's called L-Dops. Had anyone tried it?

Did it help?

were there a lot of side effects?



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I tried to sign up for a clinical trial of it but didn't fit the protocol. I think they were looking for people who had low levels of norepinephrine. My norepinephrine levels go way up when I stand up, so the problem wasn't a problem in secreting norepinephrine. I think the drug is being developed for multiple system atrophy, not POTS.

L-DOPS is a precursor to norepinephrine. In other words, your body has to go through a several-step recipe in order to make norepinephrine. Some people are missing one of the enzymes necessary to perform one of the steps. L-DOPS is like having all but the last step done for you. It would get around the problem of the missing enzyme.


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thanks for the info. i'm definitely going to look into it myself as i do fit more into what it is being developed considered for. do you know if it's something already on the market or if it's only in the research stages?


:) melissa

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I don't know anything about it, but do they not have a treatment that involves the enzyme itself? Or maybe the form isn't conducive to treatment or something...I dunno, it just sounds rather odd.

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