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Sphincter Of Oddi Dysfunction

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Hi, everyone,

I am having terrible, terrible stomach pains after I eat--also when I don't eat. These have been coming and going for over a year, as you all know. Anyway, I read here that some of you have experience with the sphincter of oddi dysfunction. I would like to know what your symptoms were with these attacks, if you could please tell me.

It seems funny to me that my severe health problems all started about a month after getting my gall bladder out. It was spring of 2004--ah, I remember it well--when the gallbladder came out. It was non-functioning, no stones. By the time the doctor got around to it, I was jaundice and had lost about 13 pounds.

That fall, I was diagnosed with severe gastritis. The following April, 2005, along came the POTS diagnosis with worsening allergies. By March of last year, the abdominal pain was severe. From there, everything just snowballed, as you all know. My husband and I have always suspected the removal of my gallbladder as the catalys (spelling) for my worsening health problems. After reading some Internet information about sphincter of oddi dysfunction, I'm wondering if maybe that's not some of my problem. I got some very good information from the medscape website, reading patients' stories.

Any information you all can provide would be very helpful to me.

Thanks, POTS friends.


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For me, it feels almost the same as my former gallbladder attacks... upper back/shoulder blade pain, and nausea. Also, it would kick up to it's worst pain at about 3am, when is typically the the time your body makes bile for the next day and would have dumped it into the gallbladder for when it needed.


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