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Pots And My Job

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Hey guys! I had some questions about jobs. My boss has been extremely kind regarding my hours, but I can only get in there for about four hours a week because of my POTS. The thing is I'm not making enough money to help out my parents. Does anyone know of anything I could do at home? I know that's a long shot, but I really need to make some extra cash.

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Hey Kate,

Somewhat recently there was a topic about selling items on ebay to make money. Some people are successful at that. If that's something you're interested you could try a forum search to get some tips on how to make it work.

Others make things to sell (online, at craft fairs, etc). Perhaps something like making cards, paintings, knitting or crocheting items, or any other hand craft that you might like to do.

Do you like to teach and are you near a middle school or highschool? There are always kids that need extra help with school work. Their parents might be willing to pay a tutor to help their child with classes.

Those are the only ideas I have. It can be tough to find work for potsies! I hope you can find something that works well for you.


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I have a friend who does editing work from home from her computer (she edits medical grant documents for NIH--don't know the details). She gets $26/hour. All she did was send in her resume (she is a college grad with IT experience, no writing/editing experience) and they e-mailed her and asked her how many hrs she wanted. She has only gone into the office once. It sounds too good to be true. The downside is that the work is cyclical and when it comes she can work for 20 hrs a week on tight deadlines that must be met for her to keep the job--and then she gets no work for several months. It is perfect for her as a stay-at-home mom. Let me know if you want more details.

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