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Gravity And Wind

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hello everyone,

I was just thinking and from reading a post from last week i saw that for some people moving fast ( like in a car or on their scooter) is bad for their pots of other dyautonomia problems, however i was wondering if for some of us it can be good. I'm wondering if its like watching it specifically what is bad cause you get dizzy, but if you dont watch (which would be bad is your driving the moving fast thing...but if not) then actually since your moving fast its not as hard for you body to work against gravity to circulait (sorry i am an awful speller!!) your blood. I have just noticed that i it actually makes me feel better to ride in the car sometimes, other times it makes it worse so it probably depends on what that days symptoms are primarily from, but it just seems strange how it can make me feel better to be moving like that.

Idk its just a thought, i also noticed that when i went for my walk today that the wind outside actually kind of helped! Im in MN and its really windy right now its crazy!!! But anyhow it was strange but it almost seemed to be helping i havent come up wiht a theory as to why this is but i did notice it.

Thanks! Have a great day!!


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It's interesting that you posted this as I just returned from our family vacation to some major theme parks in Orlando :) This is what I learned about myself these days: I do WONDERFUL at waterparks- can handle the heat as long as I am wet and have gatorade in hand; I can handle rapid coaster type rides IF they are outside as opposed to in and there is no "visual" effects (think Space Mountain). 3-D and 4-D stuff is a no-no- I almost didn't make it through the Jimmy Neutron 3-D ride at Universal- haha. It was really bizarre trying to determine why some things bothered me motion- wise and I think a lot of it was directly related to whether or not the seats were stationary, if I was moving, or if I was inside with "simulated" screens and strobes. I made it through but it did show me some new things about my current state of dysautonomia. Also, we got the fast pass so there was very little standing in line- that would have been a MAJOR no-no. Interesting question- curious about the experiences of others with gravity and motion.


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