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Looks Like I'm Going To Have To Give Up The Memory Foam Mattress


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We have the memory foam bed----I did not buy a tempur-pedic, but I bought an off brand. My husband likes it, and I like it too, but for my lower back. However, my neck and shoulder problems have gotten worse it seems.

I have a 30 day return policy----tonight we'll go in to let them know they have to pick it up. We have to stay with this mattress store and buy another that meets of exceeds the price of the one we bought. My shoulders are not sinking in the mattress enough, and they are being pushed into my neck. My overall function has gotten worse. Not sure if this is because of the bed affecting my EDS, or everything in general is worse due to some recent stress.

Last Thursday my husband and I tried to go to a church festival and I walked about 200 feet, and had to go back to the car and go home. I shuffled like a 90 year old on the way back to the car. It feels worse then my usual OI issues from POTS.

Julie :0)

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:) Sorry that the memory foam didn't suit you - I hope you can find something better to replace it with (and celebrate that you decided to buy from a store with a returns policy).

I once stayed in a very expensive hotel (the Savoy, in London) where I slept in the most comfortable bed I have ever felt. It had a firm supportive mattress but with a very deep (6 inches I think) down topper that you sank into. The combination of a good solid base but with the fluffy topper was very comfortable (I usually get terrible back ache after sleeping on a strange bed) - I wonder if that sort of combination would be any good for you - allow your shoulders to sink in without allowing your lower back to sag?

Happy bed trying, (I wonder if people ever fall asleep in bed shops?)


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Thanks for your replies!

We bought a Select Posture Pedic Bed with Memory foam topper (Moonrise Bay UltraPlush EuroPillowtop), combined with support features, but at the same time relief from pressure points. It also has motion control from partner OHHHHHHHH-----UGGGGGGGGGGG-----Sorry, I'm not too functional tonight----- :rolleyes: I'm not very good at describing this right now. We tried it out, and it absorbed my shoulders, rather then push them up into my neck. I should have laid on the memory foam bed longer, because it just didn't work out----too firm.

Anyway, they allowed me to return it in 30 days if it didn't work out. The other one felt wonderful, and it will be delivered some time next week. They will just swap them out.

Here's a picture..


I have worked on this e-mail since before dinner-------what's wrong with this picture shocked3.gif ------I think it's time for bed. sleepy2.gif

Maxine :0)

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