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Aww!! :o)


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I just thought I'd share in my joy of these WONDERFUL comments that my students wrote in their course evaluation regarding me as a teacher and the course itself. I am certainly humbled and happy that they enjoyed the class and that for my first time teaching, I got such wonderful remarks! B) -->


* Angela did a very nice job for her first time teaching.

* This was probably the best prepared course instruction of all my classes. This instructor put her heart and soul into teaching this course, and for her first time I give her kudoos!

* What a great teacher and class... The subject being dry, was made into something I could actually enjoy learning. Best overall teacher I've had in a long time.

* I was very impressed with Angela's teaching methods in this class. She is a natural teacher, was very well organized, always prepares, created a very effective learning environment and clearly has extensive knowledge of the subject she teaches. This was by far the hardest class but definitely the one i learned the most in this semester. It was the most structured and organized and Angela should talk to our other teachers and share w/them her teaching strategies.

* excellent teacher, the best this semester, learned the most in this class and worked the hardest. Angle should feel very proud and i would rec. her teaching more classes in the future.

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Congratulations B) - that must make all of the hard work that you put into those students seem worthwhile and very satisfying. Students never forget a good teacher and you may well have had a significant influence on some of your students.


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It is good to hear those comments about your EKG class! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad that your students enjoyed your class so well. It sounds like you are a great teacher and they learned a lot. Good job! B) I bet you're really glad now that you taught the class!

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congrats. i haven't taught in a classroom, but from tutoring academics & coaching/ teaching swimming over the years, i know how precious and what an encouragement such compliments can be. definitely keep them handy for the tough times when you need a boost (health or otherwise).

B) melissa

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