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Dizziness With Movement?

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I know dizziness seems to be a chief complaint among people with POTS, however, I never really experienced it until now. I'm not so sure it is POTS related. This is different from lightheadedness you get from getting up too fast (I get that all the time).

It started 6 days ago. The dizziness comes and goes. If I'm sitting still I feel pretty good. As soon as I start moving around - especially bending my head I get this wooshy feeling in my head - it's not the feeling of the room spinning. It's just this fullness and wooshiness in my head. Feels like I might fall or faint, but I don't.

Went to urgent care yesterday. Seemed to think it was inner ear. Didn't give me any meds. Said it would go away on it's own. My ears don't even hurt. If anything, I might have a little pressure under my eyes and around my nose and cheeks.

Is this a normal feeling for anyone or does it sound like inner ear?

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Hey Jennifer,

Sorry your feeling so down. I get that sort of dizziness alot, its like your pretty good if you jus sitting or lying, but if you move even when you are sitting or lying down, you feel very faint. But i know what you mean when you say its not that your spinning its just kinda "fuzzy" almost for me and for me it seems like i dont know whats going on as much.

When you mentioned the pressure under eyes, and around your cheeks that makes me think sinuses(sorry i am a really bad speller!!) So perhaps its allergie related if your having pressure there. I dont know, good luck!! Hope your feeling better soon!


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I get two types of dizzyness. One is caused by POTS and another is an inner ear imbalance. There's a pretty simple way to figure out if its your ear - sometime when you're doing well and able to stand for a few minutes, stand in corner, place one foot in front of the other, and close your eyes. If you start to fall over, not because you're feeling faint, but because you can't balance, you could have an inner ear problem. Standing in the corner is just to help if you do happen to fall for either reason. If you don't feel off balance doing this, your ear is most likily fine. Its an exercise I do to help retrain my brain to work with an ear imbalance (one ear has about 33% less funcutionality when it comes to balance than the other). I can't do this without falling into the wall very quickly. I use my eyes to compensate, but when they're closed or its dark, I stumble all over the place. I know its a tricky test to perform if your POTS if acting up and you can't stand for long - but its a LOT easier than being put through various types of inner ear testing unnessecarily.

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