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Hello Everyone,

For that last couple of days i have been having these hick-ups and are like really really big, and they wont go away, or if they do they come back withing like 10 minutes. Do any of you experience this??? Cause i am trying to figure out if it could be from the pots or if its just like from something im drinking or eating (but its really not different than normal) or maybe there is something else weird going on...dont know. Any help would be great, Thanks!


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ouch! I hate when that happens! I get hiccups that badly as well. It dosen't happen too often, maybe no more than once every 6 months, but man, when I get them, they dont' go away for days and they're so very painful because they're so strong! Hiccups are caused by a spasm in your diapraghm, that lil muscle at the bottom of your rib cage, that controls your lungs and breathing - the cause of that spasm can vary. A while back on TV I saw a few stories about teenage girls who experienced hiccups for several weeks, one for several months I believe. I don't mean to scare you with that information as that type of situation is VERY rare, but more so to let you know to keep an eye on it, if its very uncomfortable seeing a doctor might be a good idea, but they may or may not be able to help it. i seem to remember your signature saying you're young? I might be thinkng of someone else, but hiccups can also be a sign of growth spurts. I had them a lot when I was a teen, and not to compare you to a family pet, but my puppy had very severe ones for the first few months we had her while she was growing very rapidly and the vet said it was normal and common during a large growth spurt. In the mean time, at home, you can try to stay away from fizzy drinks and be sure to chew your food very well - I noticed that when I don't with my hiccups it can hurt a bit as it passes down to my stomch. Hope you're feeling better Mary!

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What a coincidence seeing your post. For the last few weeks everytime I finish eating a snack, meal, etc I get hick ups...They don't last too long but I'm not sure why they occur...Any ideas???



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generally hiccups aren't anything more than a nuisance, but if they don't go away and or happening constantly and it's not something you've had before you should mention it to your doctor as - in RARE situations - they can be an indication of something more.

i get hiccups related to reflux; for those with significant gastroparesis and/or reflux, this may be the "reason" for hiccups at times, especially if the hiccups correspond with symptomatic heartburn.

having hiccups after abdominal surgery a month or so ago was the worst....i had significant pain to begin with & then every hiccup was pure torture!

:( melissa

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Hiccups are usually caused when something is irritating the diaphragm. Abdominal surgery can cause awful problems with hiccups as Melissa can testify. One common cause is having swallowed air, this can be from fizzy drinks or accidentally swallowing air such as when trying to eat too fast or talking whilst eating.

It can help to make sure that you sit upright when you eat and drink, eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly before swallowing. I know that burping isn't polite but if the cause of the hiccups is trapped wind in your stomach then allowing yourself to burp can release the gas and stop the hiccups.

Hope they settle soon,


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