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Swaying.......my Body Never Stops Moving.

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Ok so lately i have been noticing that when i am sitting or standing my body sways back and forth and i am not the one making it do that. i guess it could be because i get very weak and faint so its like me kinda tipping over, but it is sooo continuos and equal that it doesnt seem like that. Does anyone else experience that???

Have a wonderful day! ;)


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I am completely not aware that I am even doing it - but the last two times the nurses in my PCP's office did sets of orthostatics on me, when I was standing, they told me that they noticed that I tended to "sway".........I have never noticed that I'm doing it, they picked up on it though...

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I would often sway if I tried to stand still. Not an issue now as I avoid standing still - I either try to walk about or I am rising up and down / stepping in place to keep my calf muscles pumping to squeeze blood back to my heart from my legs.


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