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Well, allergy season is here. Last year it was my allergies that sent my ncs into high gear. They really seem to feed off each other. I'm really hoping to avoid a repeat.

I've been told I have oral allergy syndrome, which means that my allergies to pollen make my body sensitive to certain fruits and vegetables. And I'm always becoming allergic to something else. As of this morning, it's cherries. Not allergic yesterday. Ate a whole bunch this morning--itching, tingling mouth, eyes, throat, sneezing. I just popped two benadryl.

Last summer I seemed weirdly allergic to so many foods that sort of subsided when the frost came. I hope I don't have to go back to the days of the chicken and rice regime. (for over two months last year that was all I could eat without becoming super-allergic).

I just hope I can avoid last year's allergic/ncs freakout. And hope I can keep eating some fruits and vegetables.

I probably have to go back to the routine of not eating too much of any single fruit/veggie at a time--I became allergic to strawberries and raspberries after chowing down on a whole bunch when they were in season. (And then there's the allergy to celery, avocado, mango, papaya, eggplant, peanuts... sigh...)

I'm on zyrtec, allegra, and singulair but I guess they just suppress the reaction, they won't change my underlying allergic-ness...

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