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Neuroligist For Chiari Eval

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Hi everybody...

I was wondering last week i had a boat load of MRI's done and this friday i am having more MRI's of my brain and ct scans as well..

well its all good and well that im finally getting these done... BUT now i need to find a doc familiar with chiari and related issues.. who know what to look for in the MRI and CT scans.. instead of the local yolkal radiologist looking at them with out a clue...(small hospital)..of what to look for...

if anybody know of a doc pls. let me know

thanks a bunch

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I used Dr. Heffez when he was still in Chicago, but I think he's in a different state now... I looked up info and I think he went to Wisconsin, but may be back in Chicago?? Not sure if someone here has recent contact info.

Also, I know that some folks have used a neuro group in New York called the Chiari Institute



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thank you pat and nina for the help.. it is MUCH MUCH appreciated.. i have a call into dr. heffez...just waiting to hear something back from his office.. and he is in milwaukee now...

thanks again ladies i will post an update when i find something out...

linda :lol:

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