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Has anyone been able to find a good therapist in Ohio that deals with chronic illnesses? Chrissy was so discouraged when she was first dx'd. The therapist that the cardiologist suggested was terrible, basically telling her that alot of it was in her head, blah, blah. She has since been able to tune out these types but would really like to find someone who understands. She's getting very frustrated with her bad days and would at least like to be able to get up at a decent time in the morning and try starting her day. We are seeing a sleep disorder specialist, just on the off chance that it could be something more than POTS. I'm going to see if he has any recommendations.

As far as the physical therapy side, she's tried water therapy in the past and was getting so sick walking out into the pool area from the humidity that she had to quit.

Any input would be appreciated. Anything other than just calling random psycologists and asking whether they deal with chronic illness patients?



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Guest Mary from OH

Where is Concord, OH? My background is actually in Psych. I'm familiar with Psychologists in the Central OH (Columbus) area.

Actually, your idea of calling them first is excellent. Because, #1. You have to go to someone who accepts your insurance. (unless you're independently wealthy). and #2 IMHO, any Psych who doesn't take the time to return a phone call or have staff that's competent to answer questions about their style or what types of psychology they practice in isn't worth a penny!!

I wish you luck in finding a compassionate Psychologist. They are out there!! Let me know if I can help in any way.

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