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How Many People Have Such A Dry Mouth


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My mouth is so dry. Does anyone know why this is so common with POTS/dysautonomia?

I can be drinking water, and my mouth will by dry right after------------It's so weird that the water doesn't seem to help. My mouth is only wet while I'm drinking the water.

It's more common for my mouth to be dry in the evening. It will get so dry in my sleep that it will wake me up. shocked3.gif

Maxine :0)

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I have it on occasion, but its not constant. Sometimes it does get really bad, it has rarely on occasion woken me up at night. My mom (who has no diagnoisis of ANS problem, but servere dry mouth caused by medication) uses dry mouth toothpast, mouth wash, everything for oral hygience in a special dry mouth formula. She says it helps a lot. She also says drinking things with bubbles help, like tonic water or Coke (although the later isn't so good for your teeth!)

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I had this pretty badly, too.. drinking a liter of water and then still being parched, with a mouth that hurt from being so dry. Showing it to my doctors, they agreed that it was really dry- but drinking as much as I could while on a high sodium diet didn't help it at all, and I had to constantly chew gum or suck on throat lozenges or hard candy to stimulate the salive production. While it's still mildly dry lately, I have noticed a dramatic improvement since starting on DDAVP. I don't know if it's because I'm retaining water throughout my body or what, but while I still get thirsty, I don't need to drink constantly in order to soothe it, just maybe waking up in the middle of the night.

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I also have dry mouth. has any one found that a high potassium diet helps? It's hard to stay on but it seems to help me.

diagnosed with:


classic Pattern of neurocardiogenic syncope with orthostatic tachycardic syndrome

hyper-parasympathetic responsiveness

meds include:

metroprolol 50 mg

fludrocortisone 0.1 mgdiagnosed 1/06

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Lately my dry mouth has stepped up a notch. During the day it is manageable but at night i have been routinely waking up at 2-3 am just parched. I will get up and drink as much as 40oz of water which seems to help but is disruptive. wondering if an over the counter dry mouth toothpaste or mouthwash before bed would help?

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Dry mouth and eyes seem to go hand-in-hand and are found in many people with POTS and other autonomic diseases and conditions. 

Both my mouth and eyes are often uncomfortably dry. Increasing the amount of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in my diet has helped and there is scientific evidence that this works. Hemp seeds are high in plant-based Omega 3 fatty acid as are walnuts. I use a hemp seed drink in my morning smoothie and try to eat a few walnuts as part of my regular diet. I also take a capsule or two of Slippery Elm herb which helps increase internal moisture, particularly in the digestive system, not so much for dry mouth and only a slight help for dry eyes. Slippery Elm does lessen the overall sensations of feeling dehydrated. I recently started using TheraTears 1200mg Omega 3 Supplement for Eye Nutrition, a product often recommended by ophthalmologists and other doctors – so far, so good (I space the three recommended capsules out over the day and take them with meals or a smoothie). TheraTears capsules contains all forms of Omega 3 fatty acids in the correct recommended daily requirement amount. Omega 3's are also good anti-inflammatories and have other health benefits. My dentist recommends Biotene which is of some help for dry mouth but I am not a big fan. I try to sleep on my side to help prevent open mouth breathing during sleep which is very dehydrating. 

Dry Eye Syndrome and Sicca Complex are Commonly Found in Patients with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Dave S Ho, Okeanis E Vaou, and Anna D Hohler, Clin Ophthalmol., Vol. 14, pp. 4015-4021; 2020

The Role of Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements in Ocular Surface Diseases, Marco Pellegrini et al, Nutrients, Vol. 12(4), pp. 952; 2020 

The Effect of a Unique Omega-3 Supplement on Dry Mouth and Dry Eye in Sjögren’s Patients, A. Papas; M. Singh; M. Singh, ARVO Annual Meeting Abstract, May 2007

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