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My nausea was horrendous for 2-1/2 24-7 yrs when I first got sick. Well since starting Wellbutrin 7 months ago it has been more stabilized but now it's back and I feel doomed :o I can't go through that again.

I pray this is just a limited phase and things will even out soon. I guess my reason for posting is to ask for good vibes from everyone in that this too shall pass. I am scared to live like this on a daily basis again.

Thanks everyone


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Said a little prayer for you so you get some relief from the nausea. Also, have you tried ginger to help? It doesn't act real fast but usually in about an hour, it does seem to help some with nausea. I usually get fresh ginger root and cut about a 1 inch slice off it and slice it into piece and boil in 2 cups water for 10 minutes. Then I sip on the "tea" slowly.

Sending good vibes your way too -


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Sorry to hear that you are being troubled by nausea. Hopefully it is just a transient thing that will resolve. Have you changed any of your meds or the foods you eat recently? I had terrible nausea for several weeks after starting on Paroxetine (lost quite a bit of weight too).

I posted a while back about natural nausea relief. Ginger as already suggested is good (even if taken as crystalised ginger or proper ginger biscuits with ginger lumps in).

Another remedy that I find very useful is fennel seeds. You can just hold one in your mouth or chew them slowly, they taste of aniseed and I now rather like them. The Indian doctor who introduced me to fennel also suggested whole dry cloves and cardamom pods to chew / eat - I haven't tried them as the fennel worked so well.

Hope your stomach settles soon,


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Nausea is definately one of the worst symptoms for me, if not the worst. I remember reading some of your posts a while ago about the severe nausea. It stinks that it has returned. :o I usually am stuck hoping and praying it goes away. Nothing helps me out with it much at all. I did get an RX for some anti nausea meds but have yet to try them...Not too crazy about the side effects, etc. Has your doc prescribed any meds to treat the nausea??? I'm hoping this passes quickly for you.

Hang in there.


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Danya I hate that you are suffering with this.Nausea is one of my primary symptoms.Beside anti-nausea meds,the only suggestion have is keep drinking or sipping something,because the more nauseated we are the less we eat and drink,and the vicious cycle goes on.One doc pointed out to me that even little sips help. I have Phenegran for nausea,it knocks me out,just wondering if anyone takes anti-nausea meds.on a regular basis or just as needed?

Danya, hope you feel better soon. I pray for all of us potsies everyday,but I'll say an extra prayer for you !

Love Pat

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I know exactly what you're going through.....hopefully it passes.....if you feel this is a progression of your gastroparesis, i'd check in with your doc...

take care and i hope you feel better soon....

p.s. have you tried the anti-nausea med zofran? it's been one of few that helps me....

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