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Need Hydration Tips

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Hello everyone, this is a two parter.I had a two day bout with diarrhea,am really weak and dehyrated,more than usual,and usual is bad enough.I am drinking alot of gatorade,would appreciate any other suggestions and remedies that may have worked for you. Secondly,beside going to the ER,does anyone get IV hydration any other way? or on as need basis? Thanks Pat

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Hi Pat,

when I'm feeling really dehydrated I get packets of rehydration salts from the pharmacy - it is basically a balanced mix of salts and sugar to mix with water that is designed for kids to use when they have diarrhoea. They don't taste wonderful but slowly sipping the mixture all day does seem to help more than just water or juice.

Diarrhoea and POTS really don't go well together so make sure you take plenty of care of yourself over the next week or so. If you can, off-load any tasks that you usually do to someone else.

Some things that point to how dehydrated you may be are looking at your tongue and inside your cheeks - the surfaces should be moist. Also try pinching up the skin on the back of your hand - it should spring back into shape fairly quickly. Make a note of how often you are passing water, how much you pass and how dark/strong it is.

If you are worried that the diarrhoea is causing you to be too dehydrated then you will need to be assessed to see if you do need IV fluids. The health system in the UK is different to that in the US so I will let someone else post about where to go for IVs - if it is an emergency the ER may actually be the best place.

Hope you are feeling better soon,


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If Gatorade isn't cutting it, I'd head in to the baby/toddler asile and get some Pedialite. Its specfically formulated to re-hyrdate kids for diarrhea. I've used it (and my stupid college friends have too for other reasons of dehydration if you catch my meaning) and it works great! I'm not sure about the ER or IV fluids part, I'm pretty stubborn and it takes a lot for me to get to the ER, and by the time I finally give in to go, I'm feeling better. Eating juicy fruits and veggies is also a good method of rehydration, so long as you don't eat so much as to reinduce the stomach probs.

hope this helps and you're feeling better - I have the same prob, and I think its PARTIALY the POTS?

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Do you know the cause? If it is not bacterial or a virus, I use immodium. You would need to check with your doctor first. One dose does it for me.

The other thing I do is drink jello water, I make it with the boiling water, add ice cubes and drink. It really helps.

Good luck,

Dawn :o

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