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So it's getting to be that time of year again here in Florida, where I can barely function because of the heat (and we can't move, because my husband has a 3 year contract with his work left). I have a "full time" job (though I only usually work 30 hours or so, if that), and they're amazing with letting me leave if I'm too sick to work and still letting me keep my health insurance. My problem is that I can't handle working! I love my job, but I can't function well enough to do it properly, and my husband is working tons of overtime trying to make ends meet, and then coming home and taking care of me! I know that a lot of people on this board have to deal with similar issues, but I feel so alone! I don't know what to do! We can't afford to live just on his salary, so I NEED to work. I keep contemplating disability, but it's such a fickle procedure, that it might take years before I actually get approved and such, and that's years without working....which we can't afford.

I am...lost.

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I sure hope you have airconditioning at work. Frankly I live in Maryland and it would be pretty unbearable here to work without airconditioning.

If you don't have airconditioning at work, you cannot possible work in those conditions.

Assuming you do have airconditioning, be sure you always have something icy to drink. Ask your employer if you can bring in a portable fan. (I did that when I was working.) Is there some location in your office that is cooler than others, perhaps you could move your work station. Perhaps you can work at home a couple days of work. Don't walk out of the building until your hubby arrives to pick you up. If you do not have airconditioning in your car, well that's another story.

I think that there are neck scarves available that you can freeze and that would keep you cooler.

I sure hope your home is airconditioned.

In Maryland, around now, I could not survive without airconditioning.

Those are just some suggestions.


PS Under ADA, I believe, you can insist that the airconditioning be kept at a specified temperature to enable you to work. Dizzy Dame has some information about that.

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I am so ecstatic right now! My boss just told me that I can start working from home!! I love my job, and certainly didn't want to quit, and now an answer has presented itself!

Thanks for your support, guys!

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I am thrilled for you, best of luck,hugs Pat

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