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Will be away until 7/19

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Hi Everyone.

I leave in the morning tomorrow--and arrive in Zurich at 9am Saturday. I'm so excited!!! I've not been on a vacation since we went to Florida in May, 2002, before I had my second spinal surgery.

I'll have a computer with us, so it's possible I could check in to the board while in Germany, but for the 6 days in Croatia, internet access is dicey at best. I plan on taking TONS of pictures as the Croatian coastline is supposed to be astoundingly beautiful, as are the outlying islands along the coast. We'll also be looking into Teri's family history, which is 100% Croatian. We have phone numbers of a few relatives, some who live in or near Zagreb, which is where we'll be staying. We have NO plans yet for the Croatia part of our stay, which is a little disconcerting for me, who likes to plan ahead. I guess I'll have to be adventurous and a bit bohemian!

While I'm away, I know you all will take good care of each other. I would ask that folks be on the lookout for new members who might need links to portions of the main DINET board, DYNA Kids, NDRF, NDRF Handbook, or to physician listings. I know I probably don't have to ask--but I have to PLAN somethign for the coming week or I'll come unglued :)

Be as well as you can and I will write again when I have some photos posted to look at! :) Nina

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Yay! Your trip sounds very exciting, Nina. I wish you good health and lots of well-deserved fun on your vacation. We will miss you :)

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Thanks guys :)

I haven't finished packing yet...and...The taxi will be here in less than 2 hours!!!!! :)

See you soon :) Nina

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Guest Julia59


Wishing you safe travels, and also for you to have good days the whole trip.

I really want to see you enjoy this trip---it's not every day you get to go over sea's---WOW---How exciting!

HAVE FUN--------AND PACE YOURSELF----but mostly----HAVE FUN!

Julie :0)

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