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Md's 1st Lady--pots?

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It looks like she may have just had a transient episode rather than POTS b/c she now reports being at 100%.


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i?ve been having episodes of what now seemed to have been some kind of pots (dysautonomia) earlier, and felt normal afer these episodes (duration of about 6 to 12 weeks) too. also what i felt as "normal" wasn't normal after all. i've always been much more tired with dizzy spells and fainting than anyone else, it's just that they could never find out what was wrong with me (so it was said that it must have been in my head . . .)

i've noticed that when i read about people having fainting spells i am more interested and think of dysautonomia. i hope doctors will too . . . . . .

corina :lol:

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I also notice and get interested corina. The other thing that made me wonder was that she said the diagnosis she was given was a really long name that she couldn't remember...something like that. So that made me wonder about POTS. Well, to be continued, I guess!

I happened to see her at a conference last week near Annapolis.


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