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Work Doesn't Understand My Pots

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Hi all I just needed to vent to some people who would understand what I am going through.

I started work about 3 months ago supposedly a 'part time' job with min 20 hours a week and possibility of more when people are sick etc to fill in. Up to a few weeks ago I was managing fine they were giving me 4 days with about 25 hours a week then it crept up to 28 and then bang we are into full blown 5 days a week up to about 34 hours a week. I'd be rostered a day off and they would ask me to come in because so and so was sick or so and so was on leave.

I thought I could handle it. The work isn't hard. I am sitting down all day so I agreed to fill in. Then 2 weeks at 5 days a week I'm sitting at work and I am hating life. Thinking why did I agree to do this. I felt tired and then the symptoms started to flare up, glands were up, temperature was up feeling horrible. So then my senior comes by and asks AGAIN for the following week if I would mind working another rostered day off. I say to her, I need to say no this time, I worked extra last week and the week before and I am feeling run down I need to get my strength up. Well she wouldn't take no for an answer in fact she stated to me that 'part time' could mean anything up to 37.5 hours a week if they needed me. I kept telling her no til one of the other girls working nearby spoke up for me and told the senior to stop harrassing me.

The big boss was on leave so I was waiting for her to come back and a week went by and then the boss had the flu and hasn't returned for another week. I had to go see the next lady in charge I tried to explain to her I just physically cannot do 5 day weeks and I know some of the girls out there are doing 6 day weeks and it was frightening me badly because I know thats something that I could not perform on a regular basis. I told her that 4 days a week is plenty and she said since that was over the original 20 hours min she didn't have a problem with that. I tried to explain to her i have a physical condition that you could want me to do all you want but I would end up passed out on the floor and end up quitting.

So I thought I had it sorted then the next day the next week's roster goes up and this time instead of booking me on for 4 days and asking me to work 5 days, they just put me on for 5 days. OMG I nearly passed out then and there. I felt like everything I had said had gone in one ear and out the other. I feel like my illness has been treated like a joke.

The next day was monday and I had nightshift on and I was sent home because I had developped a migrane from all the stress this has created and was pretty potsy at the same time. I just went to the local GP the next day he knows all my history and he took one look at me and said your body is telling you to stop. I know I know but how do I get work to realise I Am not messing around with them. So he's written me a letter for them I am not sure how that is going to go down but if I have to choose between my health and the job I know what I will be choosing.

Sorry about the long vent.


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Julia, that sounds awful!

I would write down what discussions you have had with which seniors on which days (I know how difficult it can be to remember later on with our brain fog).

Then my suggestion would be to write a polite letter asking them to modify your rota to 4 days per week "as per discussion with... on ....date". Politely explain that with your medical condition (you don't have to explain what is the matter) you can work 4 days which is over the agreed min of 20hrs, but that more shifts are too demanding and not medically possible for you and that you are including supporting evidence from your doctor.

It is too easy for people to "forget" conversations - if it is in writing they are more likely to stick to any agreements. They can't sack you for doing the above.

I think at the end of the day you and your doctor are right you have to listen to your body and put your health first. See if you can get your shifts back down to a more manageable level before having to make a decision about working.



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