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De Paul University Chronic Fatigue Initiative

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I saw the following posted on my chronic fatigue group. I did not check it out, but anyone who wants to go to college with POTS might want to look into it.

Michigan Jan

The Chronic Illness Initiative


> Have you had difficulty completing your undergraduate degree because of a

> disability? Do you have an illness that makes it difficult to meet the

> time and attendance requirements of a traditional program?


> DePaul University's School for New Learning (SNL) has launched an

> initiative to expand access to higher education to those disabled by

> chronic illness. In the past, students with chronic relapsing and

> fatiguing illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid


> and Gulf War Syndrome have found it difficult, if not impossible, to meet

> the requirements of a conventional college program. Now, SNL has

> instituted procedures to help these students.


> SNL allows you to:

> * Earn your entire degree online.


> * Pace your progress through the degree requirements.


> * Get help from a special advisor.


> * Complete courses interrupted by symptoms.

> Features of the BA program:

> * Competence-based degree requirements which recognize learning in

> different settings.


> * Individually designed focus area.


> * Interactive classes with supportive faculty and students.


> * Transfer credit accepted from other colleges and from documented


> from college-level experiences.


> * No minimum enrollment per quarter (except to meet financial aid

> requirements).


> * Total tuition significantly lower than most private universities.


> * Simple application with no fee.


> * State-of-the-art technology with prompt, responsive technical support.


> * The opportunity to earn an accredited DePaul University degree.


> * The happiest student body in the country, and one of the most

> diverse. (Source: The Best Colleges, 2004 Ed.)


> How to Get Started:

> * You must be self-motivated with self-discipline and able to do

> college-level work.


> * Go to <http://www.snlonline.net/>http://www.snlonline.net


> Browse the website.


> Questions? E-mail <mailto:lroyster@snlonline.net>lroyster@snlonline.net


> call (312) 362-8001 and ask for the Advisor for the Chronic Illness

> Initiative.


> Sign up for the first course, Learning Assessment Seminar.




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