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7+ Day Migraine

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I am going insaine.........7 days and I still have a migraine. Went to ER with minimal relief. Maybe it's time to try Topamax again. Who knows maybe I can tolerate the side effects this time. I'm nervous to start it again but my docs are not helping.

Isn't it unsafe to have a migraine 5/6-10 pain scale for more than 72 hrs with no pain relief?


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Did the ER tell you what to do if you don't get any relief? Did they offer any other options if what they gave you didn't work? I just wish there'd be something that would help relieve your suffering, it's so hard and obviously it's to the point where you feel like you just can't tolerate it anymore... have you been able to sleep at all the past few days? I'll keep you in my prayers for some relief :)

- Tammy

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So sorry about your neverending headache. The longer you have a migraine, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. Get thee to your neurologist!

Also, the Florinef may be causing your migraine. I had been on Florinef when I got the killer Migraine. It took a week in the hospital with IV fluids and IV DHE to get rid of it. Then, I was really exhausted.


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Dayna I am so sorry you are so miserable,I know exactly how you feel and it is horrible!!!!!! Have you ever tried maxalt?It is the only thing that has ever helped my migranes. One other thing I saw work for someone else,was a caffiene push.I was in the hospital and my roomie had a migrane for days.The dr.had her drink gallons and gallons of pepsi,it worked for her. You are in my prayers,please let us know how you are? HUGS PAT

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