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Endoscopic Botox Procedure Next Week...

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I am going in next week (tuesday) for endoscopic botox injections to try and help alleviate my nausea/problems with eating/weight loss from my gastroparesis...........the doc said that they generally have pretty good results from it, at least for 6-8 months.........he said patients are less symptomatic and are able to eat better.......

....he said if this doesnt work, he wants to try the gastric pacer........i was told down in boston by a GI doc that gastric pacing is not a good recommendation for pots patients though, and that in the majority of cases gastric paci, it had a low success rate...i have heard majority of patients that DO benefit from the gastric pacer are patients with gastroparesis secondary to diabetes (which i dont have)....

anyway, hopefully we dont have to get to that point in discussing gastric pacing and that the botox injections work....

wish me luck......and send me your prayers..


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:rolleyes::ph34r: Good luck with the procedure - I had it done 4 years ago for my gastroparesis - It was only experimental then, not approved for that use and I had to be transferred from a NJ Hospital to Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia to have it done. It really helped - I only had 20 percent of food digesting, and the other 80 percent was sitting in my stomach with delayed gastric emptying. It worked so good that for a while after the procedure, the second you get the urge to move your bowels, you better be near a bathroom or else. Atleast in my case, that is what happened. It made it hard to control my stomach for a long time. It did help me though, so I hope it works for you. Beth
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