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Do You Have Problems With Falling Down?

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I would like to ask if anyone here has had problems with muscle weakness and falling. I had a big fall a few months ago assoc with memory loss, a headache and several wierd and bad bruises. I was seen in the ER, but had a negative CT. Since then, I've been tripping over my feet and have nice experiences with not quite clearing the walls etc (impressive @ work!). Then, last week I had another fall where it wasn't really the pots lightheaded symptoms, but more of that I had sudden muscle loss in my legs. I had been feeling really weak that day and then all of a sudden, I had nothing to my legs. I tumbled down stairs, smacked my head and broke my Talus (foot).

Has anyone had these types of experiences? What did you find as the culprit? Were you/are you on Mestinon? We've stopped the Mestinon since this fall- but I seem to be just as clumsy. I want to avoid another fall. I live alone with a 3 story house and if I fall again, my mother is going to have a grand mal meltdown! Does anyone have any ideas/experiences? I have quite a bit (20 years) of ballet training, so my positioning and movement has always been more controlled than most people's- this is a radical change for me.


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No K+ problems. I think, at least that has always been charlie horses in the calves when it is too low-nothing like that.

When I first pop up- that's the pots stuff that takes over. This is just while working around the house/walking at work that I'll be tripping all day and then just lose power of my muscles. I feel a little goofy trying to explain it. I was just hoping that if it happened to someone else and they found the reason, that maybe it could help me stay room-mate free (priceless!!!)

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Well, I by no means have had dance training. I was always a bit clumsy, but when the POTS symptoms got really bad one of the things that alerted me to seek help was thinking I had cleared a doorway and then BOOM, I ran into it. I would think I was getting in my car and hit the side of the door, I could go on and on. I was tripping over my feet more, knocking my hands on shelves when I thought I was grabbing a dish, missing a ledge if I thought I was putting my foot on it.

Since taking florinef, extra fluids, and salt loading I have been better. Back to my more normal clumsiness, but I still have parts of days, an entire day or a few days where I am really "off" balance wise. It is really frustrating.

Happy Spring,


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