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Migraine Treatment- Anyone Try A Nerve Block Injection In The Head

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just wondered if anyone had tried a greater occipital nerve block injection for migraine?

I was given it this week at the National Hospital of Neurology in London. I passed out as it happened and flatlined.

I had a bit of an adverse reaction- it even impaired my reflexes.

My head is now very sore and I'm experiencing cluster type headaches as a result.

Anyone with any advice ?

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Hi Persephone,

sorry to hear you're having a rough time after your procedure.

Sorry I can't give any advice but here are some ((((((HUGS)))))).

I don't know what they would have injected you with but I guess it was / included a local anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic always makes me feel dreadful and my cardiologist told me that POTS patients often react to local.

I hope the side-effects wear off quickly and that you then find that it helps your migranes,


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Persephone, I haven't had that particular nerve blocked, but I have had the trigeminal nerve injected to help with pain, headache and spasming of muscles. I didn't have any adverse reaction--sounds like yours was a "doozy" of a bad reaction. Hope you're feeling better soon.


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Ooo.. You mean "flatlined" like your vitals dropped ?! That's not a "little" reaction! Hope you feel better fast!

Never heard of this procedure before. Learning all the time here on the forum. Ppl try so many different things for their pet-peeve symptom. My sister-in-law gets migraines (not from pots, but she has some wierd unexplained stuff) and she said it's best kept at bay through drinking lots of water. (That for me would mean even more bathroom trips...but maybe it could help a bit for your).

Take some rest and feel better :unsure:

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