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Two Questions?!?!


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Hi! I have two seperate unrealted questions, but am putting them together:

1-What is the best time of day to exercise?

2- Has anyone tried wheatgrass? I came acrosse a site the other day that said drinking wheatgrass can boost your bllod volume b.c it is almost identical to hemoglobin?? hmmm, but it also said something about "dialating passaeways for clearance" idk what that means, but i know dialation is torture for us

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Hi, i hate bananas.

I have had times when I drank wheat grass juice. I have been to a wheat grass clinic a few times over the years and bought a juicer, even. Then I got lazy about juicing it. (However, I always have some growing because my canaries depend upon it as a salad!)

But I do take a product called Springreen, which is tableted grass juice. It is soothing, cleansing, and the best stool softener ever. I don't know if it specifically helps my orthostatic symptoms, but I know I am more likely to have a higher baseline pulse or a tachy episode if I am constipated. If I eat too much nonfiber food (overcooked or oilier), then extra Springreen prevents trouble.


P.S. I exercise before I take my AM beta blocker dose, because that is when I like to see my BP and rate in the least medicated state. After whatever exercise I do, I do sitting and standing stats, and then take my pill.

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Hi Madeline!

My doctors never specified a particular time that I was supposed to exercise. I do follow some general guidelines, though, that have worked well in my case:

1) I space my exercise over the course of the day to avoid over-exertion -- a little here and a little there works far better for me than a lot all at once.

2) I tailor the when, what, how much, and how long of my exercise to my energy level each day.

3) I do the most demanding exercise during my peak energy time (usually between 10:00am and 3:00pm). For example, I take an 11:00am Pilates class rather than one at 5:00pm. I might take a short walk around dusk, though, because it's less physically demanding and the temperature outside is cooler than earlier in the day.

4) I don't exercise early in the morning right after I get out of bed -- I give my ANS time to adjust and my meds to kick in. :blink:

5) I avoid exercising during the hottest part of the day and soon after meals.

As for the wheatgrass, I've never heard of or tried it. Cheers!


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Wow! I haven't thought about wheatgrass in AGES! I worked in a healthfood store briefly in the early 1980's and remember when Ann Wigmore institute pushed that and raw foods eating...she and that Victor guy whose last name I can NOT remember. A blast from the past!!

I can't remember if I tried the juice but I did eat half of my diet or more from raw foods for a year or so (two meals a day) and felt better in the early days of this chronic fatigue junk, LONG before a dx and 15 years before a tilt confirmed POTS. Raw foods agree with some but I could not do it now for anything. Besides some foods are better when steamed or cooked to RELEASE nutrients...broccoli, lightly steamed spinich and tomato sauce comes to mind as foods that need cooking.

Glad it helps your birds. :blink:

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