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Narcolepsy..how Many Of You Have This And Pots?


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doing a search online.. and i typed in sudden sleepiness.. and narcoplsey came. up.. very interesting reading for me that is for sure.

While reading i read that people with narcolepsy "can sometimes" aslo have sleep paralysis..all the stuff i just read on narcolepsy sounds like they wrote about me and what ive been delaing with for well years.. i began having sleep paralysis when i was a kid...

Uhm but to my point.. I know that there are folks on the board who suffer from various form of sleep disorders.. I was wondering is it commmon for people with ANS probs to have these issues? sleep issues? or is this still kind of unknown?

And how many of you who have a sleep disorder have to wait yrs for s proper diagnosis?

DO any of you have narcoplepsy? are you on treatment for it? and does it make you overall feel better? Oh and those of you with other sleep disorders same questions...


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hi dizzy!

although i am NOT officially diagnosed with narcolepsy i use methylfenidate (ritalin) to make me stop falling asleep during the day. i've had severe sleeping problems during the day and night but since starting the meth. med. i am doing much better with sleep. before the med i was falling asleep during the day while playing a board game with my kids, while eating and a lot of other accasions (sorry, bad memory right now) and i really HATED it. after using the med for about 1/2 to 1 year mu night sleep became better as well (in quantity i mean, not sure about the quality).

hope this helps a bit,

take care,

corina :)

btw: hope you are asleep now!!!

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ernie hello!

Um i go thru cycles where i have insomnia and these sleepy spells.. each can last months at at time..

when im thru a cycle of alot of adrenaline surges i do not sleep much at all..

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