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There are some lower body exercises suggested by Mayo --I no longer have a link for these.

Additionally, pilates seems to be pretty well tolerated by many of our members, myself included. I have a pilates dvd that's for core strengthening and is almost all done sitting on the floor or lying on the floor, without any equipment. Another dvd I got came with a therapy band to use for resistance. Many of the pilates moves are slow, careful and form is more important that other things. Yoga is similar in it's carefulness, but some yoga positions may not be well tolerated if your son's got any hypermobility in his joints.

Lastly, if your son isn't comfortable "going it alone" to build his strength, perhaps the doc who recommended the leg strengthening can also send him to physical therapy to establish a routine tailored to your son's needs.

I use a personal trainer who comes to the house 2x a week and after 4 months, knows my limitations, and has helped me tremendously with my stamina and strength. It's expensive, but was what I decided to do with the money that used to go to my car payment, which I paid off before the holidays in 2006. Instead of a new car, I decided on a new me. :blink:


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