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Low Blood Pressure While Lying Down


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I've had blood pressure issues for years, but things are getting really strange now!

My blood pressure has always been higher while lying down and lower while sitting or standing. In the past my bp has been around 110/65 on a good day while wearing compression hose. But the longer I was upright the lower it would go. After a shower sometimes my bp would go down to 80/50 and I would have to lie down on the floor before even drying off. Then I would get dried off and have to lie down in bed. Eventually my bp would go back up to about 110/65 while lying down.

Lately, though, my bp has done just the opposite. It has been higher while upright and lower whenever I lie down. As long as I'm up and moving a little (walking a short distance, typing at the computer, or reading to my son) then my blood pressure stays between 110/65 and 120/70. But I don't have the energy to do that for very long, so I have to lie down. But after lying down for 5 or 10 minutes my blood pressure drops. It then stays between 80/50 and 90/60.

Last night after my shower I was so weak that I had to lie down in bed. I checked my bp and it was 118/72. I don't understand how my bp was so high! And then after lying down for 10 minutes it was down at 88/45. Huh? :blink:

This is driving me crazy! I don't have the energy to keep moving, but as soon as I rest my bp goes so low that I still feel terrible.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I mentioned this do my doctor last week and he was confused. He said he'd do some research and see what he can come up with.

To make things even stranger - I'm on Midodrine currently. But my bp readings are the same whether the med is in my system or out of my system.

Any theories?


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I have the exact same thing! I can't lie down in the day due to low BP and awful symptoms as a result: semi conciousness, heart racing/pounding, can't breathe. whole body goes numb, weak etc etc.

I can't give you any answer, sorry but would love to know why this is. I've only had it since POTs became severe. I only take Florinef.

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Thanks for sharing your symptoms, Tanzanite. It is interesting that your bp goes so low too while lying down. My symptoms are a little different than yours while supine. But I do get (stay) really weak while lying down. The dizziness and semi-conciousness comes while lying down, but is worse when I'm lying on my back.

I forgot to mention that my pulse is now low while lying down. It goes down to about 60bpm. My resting hr used to be about 80 lying down.

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