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Fibromyalgia & Ncs

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A little over a month ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My question is how do you manage both Fibromyalgia and NCS? Do any of you use water therapy or yoga? My Rheumatologists wants me to exersice with a heart rate at 145 beats per minute for 40 minutes a day which is impossible. I do walk almost everyday on a treadmill with a fan blowing on me but not that fast that I can get my heart rate up that high. I told the Dr. I didn't think I could do it without having problems. He said he didn't know anything about my other problems but didn't want to aggervate my other conditions. Also he does not want to give me any meds. which is kind of okay with me as I seem to take so many now.

I do know I have to work on stress relief. I get myself too worked up to easy. I have a very stressful job (which I have had for 9 1/2 years) and they are going to be closing the business within the next month, which leads to another issue. I am stressed about trying to find another job which anybody would be but I am more worried because I am having difficulty concentrating and performing simple mental tasks. This is just not a little difficulty, with my NCS it was a little difficulty. Now with the Fibromyalgia added I wonder if I have any brain cells left, I can't remember anything. I feel so stupid! I have read that Mestinon is to help with cognitive problems and I am already on this for my NCS. Also I am very mood (which I have been in the past) but I also wonder if I am becoming depressed as I seem to cry alot. (I just wonder if it is that my life is very stressful right now?)

I am in some sort of pain most of the time.

So my questions

What do you use to manage you Fibromyalgia? Water therapy, yoga or?

What do you do for stress relief?

What helps for cognitive problems?

Anything you could tell me would help. Thank you.


Diagnosed with

NCS & Orthostatic Intolerance 1997

IBS 2000

Fibromyalgia 2007

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I've recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as well. My doctor recommended yoga an hour a day as well as Pilates for an hour a day, then water therapy 2x a week. So far, I've only managed to do the yoga (I don't have money for the water therapy right now) and I'm doing awesome to even be doing an hour of yoga a day without adding the Pilates in there too. :( I know that yoga, as long as I stay on the ground, has been awesome for calming me down (the meditation part), and for getting in shape. If I leave the ground in any way, I'll pass out, which isn't cool if there are things around to hurt yourself on :P . Sometimes the yoga seems to aggravate the pain though....I'm only taking Darvocet for the Fibromyalgia right now (which really accomplishes nothing), though I'm going to pain management next week, and my rheumatologist the week after...so I might be on something that actually helps before the month is up.

So far, I haven't really found anything that helps with the cognitive problems other than cold air. :P

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Regular exercise, low impact, including pilates, use of therapy bands, and a recumbent bicycle.

I also see a neurologist and pain management specialist to help me cope with the pain and inflamation aspects. We trialed a variety of medications until we found the right ones for me; I can't typically use OTC meds in the NSAID family like asprin, motrin, etc. b/c they really rip up my guts.

Everyone is different so unfortunately, you're going to have to start small, with one thing at a time to see what helps and what makes things worse. Wish there were an easier answer :( but really, it's like many things--trial and error until you find your solutions, if there is a solution. For me, even a small change for the better is a blessing. :P


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Hi! I have been doing water therapy ( 45 min. water aerobics class) for last few months on a fairly regular basis and can attest to its benefits. When I have had to miss a day of class, I do not feel the same and quickly loose whatever tolerance and stamina I have gained. The new gym I recently joined offers water aerobic classes 6 days/week. Believe me those seniors (I am by far the youngest in the class) are onto something! It gives me a boost for a few hours and has helped with the soreness and stiffness. The pool temperature is kept very comfortable for the seniors! I still get dizzy and drink Water/Propel/Gatorade during the class. I generally feel better after the class than before but still need to start very slow many days. I still need to lie down by early-afternoon with POTS symptoms. My stomach issues are even improved! I had to find some exercise I could do after having rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders in the last 2 years and still needing regular therapy of sorts when the formal physical therapy ended. I highly recommend it. Martha

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Some of my medications for dys have helped with the fibro a great deal. Specifically, I am taking strattera to stabilize BP etc., and found that my fibro pain was reduced by half--probably from increased circulation? My dys doctor also gave me low-dose cymbalta and this has further helped. I can now do things that I haven't been able to do for years--what a relief! In fact yoga has become much more possible with these meds.

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