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I'm so exhausted, fighting this ongoing "reasonable accommodation" battle with work.

They sent me a four page certified letter saying basically they are going to fire me in a month if I'm not back in the office.

blah, blah, blah..."may warrant removal from the federal service."

My husband is going to be crazy worried now. I'm the main "bread winner" while he's back in school.

Work is so cold and impersonal, and their timing is great. My grandfather, a dear friend, had a heart attack in Florida, and I've been stuck here because of this !@#$ illness.

All my energy is spent, and I feel so alone and helpless.

Not sure why I am posting this - I guess I just need someone to understand. :(

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I really hate that you are going thru this.Because ours is an "invisible"disability, I feel like we have to defend ourselves in all aspects of our lives.It is so tough and frustrating,but I hope that you find some comfort in knowing that I and many others really understand and care about your feelings !

I wish you the best and am sending you my love and a big hug,hope you can feel it. Pat

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There is a petition circulating to reform social security disability laws to include people like us. It would also allow for people to be granted a type of disability that would allow them to work in periods when they are doing well. It was started by MS patients. Am I allowed to post a link here?

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You are not alone. The battles we have to fight on a daily basis make you just want to scream, yell, cry and give up sometimes-

but hang in there and get your support troops to help get you through it. Is there anyone in your human resources that can advocate for you and assist you?

If I understood you === this is a federal agency??? you would think they would be the most accomadating by the federal guidelines.

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Thank you all for being so sweet. I really need the hugs!

This is indeed with a federal agency, and it all comes down to your supervisor. Mine is, I think, literally sociopathic - no empathy, manipulative, deceitful, and cruel. I guess I drew the short straw.

Even though they are on the wrong side of the federal guidelines and laws on this, they are a huge agency with nearly limitless resouces in comparison to my finite, dwindling savings. They have been dragging this out for 10 months now. I'm really near my breaking point.

My husband did not take this well. He told me today he sees me as more of a patient then a wife. Blind-sided twice in one day.

And me without ice cream. :(

I know I'll get through this in the end, but man, today really stinks.

Thanks for listening and for caring. That's in short supply around here today.

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Thank you, again, to everyone.

Unfortunately, today is not better. I got a call this morning that there is nothing more they can do for my grandfather. They are sending him home for us to "love on him" in his final days.

I'm flying to Florida tomorrow with my husband. I wrote a note to work that probably burned the bridges I had left, Ccing her boss and our Commander, telling her just how helpful she has not been through all of this and that I would be out of town. I don't even have the strength left to care.

If you know of any really last minute travel tips that might help me make it to Florida in one piece, I'd so very much appreciate them. Unfortunately, I don't have time to get notes from doctors for special allowances on the plane.

Sorry if this is disjointed, I could barely think clearly enough to reserve the flights. With any luck, we'll land in the right city and state.

You all are so great. Thank you again.

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You sound like you've gone your limit....please take care of yourself. I'm sorry about your grandfather. (((HUGS))) My sister passed away Sat due to a heart attack. I hope you can enjoy your time with him and that the POTS will chill enough for you to get through all that your going through.

Best wishes

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I am so sorry you are really going through it all at the moment. Extra big hugs your way, be strong and keep telling yourself it can only get better from here.

If your supervisor is not meeting the guidelines do have any union or anything above his head you could go to to make him see differently? I have no idea what i am talking about but it does sound like as far as your supervisor goes you are not going to get anywhere.

More hugs and all the best.


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