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Vitamin D


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OK, I just was tested for a hypercoagulable disorder and I got the results in the mail today. This is a few line from the letter:

" Therefore there is really no evidence of hypercoagulable syndome. Interstingly, your vitamin D level was terrible."......

the letter goes on to say I need to start taking Vitamin D3 4000 units a day. Does that seem alot. It also says the Vitamin D effect the immune system, and maintaing proper cell growth, regulation of certain functions in the nervous, and bone metabolism.

Has anyone else had a vitamin D problem? If so does 4000 units a day sound right for a does to take a day? Did you seem an improvment in your health after starting taking Vitamin D?

Thats for any info! B)

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My doctor was also concerned about my VD levels, and suspected that my bones have been breaking down alongside my muscle deconditioning since developing POTS. So he prescribed about the same, if I remember. 4,000 is typical, I think. I can check my records to make sure...but it sounds like a familiar number.

(Naughty me, I never took a single one...but I take Flintsones kidy vitamins regularly, and that seems to do me. To me, they taste good and digest well...so anything that makes me actually stick to the dose is best in the end.)

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amy -

i don't have much knowledge in this realm myself (i get all my vitamins via IV or injection) but know this has been discussed previously so you may want to do a search.

B) melissa

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My vit D test was low so I started taking 1000. After a few months, I had a complete nutritional profile called Cardio/ION and my D was better but still low (not "terrible"). They suggested that I take 2000 so I do.

Dr. Rogers in her latest newsletter said that it is a very common deficiency. Vit D is the only vitamin which is also a hormone so its effects are far-reaching in the body. She also said if you cannot get or afford the test, to take 2000 a day safely for a few months just to be sure you are not deficient.

So it makes sense if your level is "terrible", then 4000 is what she might also recommend. I have certainly heard higher than that as a temporary dose. I hope your doctor is planning a retest in a few months. It is great that he figured it out.


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My pcp just told me I had low Vitamin D and this could be a cause of my osteoporosis. But he only prescribed 800 mg daily and then asked me to come back for another test.

Looks like I need to up the dosage considerably. As many of us are house bound, that could explain the Vitamin D deficiency in POTS and CFS patients.

Too high dosages cause cholesterol buildup - The European Union?s Scientific Committee on Food lists 2000 IU per day as the safety cut-off, as does the US Food and Nutrition Board. Just read an article that 1000 IU a day cuts breast cancer by 1/3rd!

Think I will head to the health food store and get a larger dosage for myself. Anyone else have any input?


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