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My Friend Needs Your Vote


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Hey everyone, a friend of mine is in a Mustache contest and has made it to round two. This round ends Sunday at 6pm and it is really really close right now. His name is Ed Baker and he has 49.95% of the votes and his opponent, a girl with a mustache drawn on her finger, currently has 50.05% of the votes. I am trying to help him as much as possible by getting him as many votes as I can. The winner gets a new 2007 Chevy Truck. So if you have a free minute, and don't mind, would you please help my friend Ed get to round 3?

Here is the link and info:


Ed is on the right hand side of the screen, under Matchup #2


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Hi , first I would like to welcome you to the Forum,(I would be lost without it) and wish you luck in finding the right dr. for you.I am still on that quest myself. Secondly I voted for Ed. Welcome again, Hugs P

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Hey everyone, thanks for all your votes. I am trying to solicit more today, cause Ed is down to 49.30%, and the voting ends at 6pm (California time I think). So if you don't mind to vote again, we would greatly appreciate it. :)

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