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Happy Birthday Roselover!!!


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hi roselover,

when i entered the forum today i found out that it?s your birthday, so i couldn't resist singing my famous HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. so here it comes:

Happy birthday to you

happy birthday to youou

happy birthday dear melanieieieieieieieie . . . .

happy birthday to youououououou

hope this new year will bring you lots of warmth, inspiration to create new art, happiness and of course, better health. hope you and your family will have a nice and special day today!!!


corina :)

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Big Big SMILE here!!!!

Thank you SO much Corina for remembering me!!!! Thank you everyone for your warm thoughts.

For some funny reason, I was looking forward to this birthday... and it's been a great day so far! Breakfast in bed, fun presents from friends and my kids and even a bouquet of spring flowers from a friend who is out of town! (I need spring really badly... how did she know?)

Hope you all have a wonderful day today too!!!



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oh my goodness! i cannot believe that i could have actually sung "Happy Birthday" to you in person within days of your special day & missed the opportunity! (for inquiring minds, i had the wonderful pleasure of meeting melanie earlier this week).

happy happy birthday. i am SO glad that you've had a pretty good day thus far.

i could easily go on & on, but in short just know how blessed i am to have you in my life, as i know many others are as well.

special birthday hugs, smiles, sunshine, love, & prayers...not only for now but for the year to come.

:) melissa

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Thank goodness Cornia is keeping us on our toes! I almost hadn't logged on at all today either! Am soooo glad that I did so that I can wish you a


Maybe I will sing YOUR famous version of happy birthday?????

Hippo Birdie to Ewe

Hippo Birdie to Ewe

Hippo Birdie dear Melanie!

Hippo Birdie to Ewe!!!!!!!!!

I think Corina and I singing a duet together would be fantastically FUNNY since we both can't sing! :) NOW, Melissa on the other hand has a wonderful voice, so it's too bad you didn't get to hear her sing. :lol:

I am relieved that you were up to celebrating your bday after flying back and forth across the country this week! That's a LOT!

I am also grateful you've had a birthday filled with so much love. That's the best, isn't it?

Like Melissa, I could go on and on too about how wonderful and fantabulous you are. You are such a blessing in this world and I am so grateful to call you my friend.

I hope this year brings you peace, healing and love,

Love, Emily

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Oh... you dear dear friends! Your messages to me are as precious as anything I've been given today - thank you!!!

I LOVE you voice EM ... LOL!!! I think it sounds beautiful!

And Melissa, thank you for spending your precious energy on me!

Katherine, and Dionna... thank you for chimming in too! I think we could have a beatufil potsy choir - hee hee!



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happy birthday Melanie :)

Hope you have a good mothers day to , for tomorrow. AMi

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